Safe & Green Lamp Oil

Eco-friendly Lamp Oil helps save the earth

Firefly Safe & Green lamp oil is eco-friendly all-in-one lamp oil. Use for charcoal lighter, campfires, tiki torch, glass oil candle, oil lamp, fire pots. It's sustainable, non-toxic, smokeless and burns odorless.

Safe & Green will not freeze, you can use it in freezing temps when you need to depend on Hurricane lantern in windy & danderously freezing weather. 

Be sure to add a 16 oz. Easy-Fill Refill Bottle for easy refilling! Now! add color to your lamp oil and fuels.

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Firefly Safe & Green Lamp Oil with Guardian-128 oz
Shop 128 oz. of Firefly Safe & Green Lamp Oil w/ Guardian Hates Bugs! Our newest lamp oil is organic, pure, Eco-Friendly, can be used indoors or outdoors and has a bug confusion agent! Indianapolis will surely enjoy sitting outside on the patio or deck this summer. Guardian is a great buy and can be Unique gifts for him. has you..
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Firefly Safe & Green128 oz.
Firefly SAFE & GREEN-128 oz is Eco-Friendly Lamp Oil & Tiki Torch Fuel Indoor/outdoor use and great on your deck or patio. Safe & Green is the absolute best fuel in the country. Its organic and made from 100 yr. old working plantations. It burns smokeless, odorless & clean leaving no soot on glass; it's simply a must have for today's age. A TRULY GREEN, SU..
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Firefly Safe & Green 32 oz.
32 oz. of  Safe & Green Lamp Oil is a great buy. Firefly Safe & Green Lamp Oil is eco-friendly, non-toxic, smokeless and burns odorless. It's the perfect fuel for indoor or outdoor use. Use it in tiki torches, oil lamps, oil candles  Our Safe & Green Fuel is packaged in commercial-style containers to eliminate confusion with fruit juices. Firefly Safe & Gr..
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32 oz. lamp oil with Guardian
Firefly Safe & Green Lamp Oil with GUARDIAN This lamp oil has Guardian, a bug confusion agent that hates mosquitoes, no see ums, fleas, etc. Now combine that with Safe & Green lamp oil which is non-toxic and 100% sustainable and you've got a real winner you will find nowhere else! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Give GUARDIAN a try. It's ultra pure, smokeles..
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