Lamp, Candle & Tiki Fuel

Lamp, Candle & Tiki Fuel is clean-Eco-friendly and affordable for all lamps, oil candles and tiki torches. We buy and sell Firefly Brands                     

Firefly Tiki torch fuel  Firefly Simply pure lamp oil  Firefly Clean Alternative lamp oil  Firefly Safe & Green lamp oil

Tiki Torch Fuel              Paraffin Lamp Oil        Clean Lamp Oil           Safe & Green Fuel


 How do I know which fuel to use?

Refill maintainence service  

Now add color to your oil









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Easy-Fill Refill Bottle
Easy-Fill Refill Bottle Ensure day-to-day duties of refilling Oil Candles are a snap! Make sure your pre-shift duties are quick and effortless with our 16 oz. Easy-fill refill bottle. Our easy-fill refill bottles are Eco-friendly and let you refill the reusable oil candle quickly and easily. Never worry about disposing of used glass fuel cells and hurting th..
$17.00 $14.75
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